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My Humble Threads began as an idea to bring together different designers to create an ultimate shop where you can go to find a lot of different and exclusive designs - something for the whole family.

The idea began one day when Mike mentioned to his wife, Kim, that maybe she should start a t-shirt shop. Oddly enough, Kim had been doing research the past few days about these types of shops and was wanting to tell Mike that she was going to open one. Knowing after this moment that it was meant to be, they began the process and found that opening a shop was a lot harder than starting a blog, something Kim has done time and time again since 2007.

My Humble Threads is as amazing as it is because of two groups of people: the designers and the ambassadors. 

The designers have come together to create a wide array of unique designs and ideas. While some designs in some collections are not exclusive, almost all of our designers have created a designs just for you.

The ambassadors are what keeps us going. We love seeing our ambassadors spreading their love of My Humble Threads.

We couldn't just start a shop and not remember our community. Each shirt that is bought from My Humble Threads helps provide food for children who need it. These children often get all of their meals from school during the day but are not sure if they will get a meal when they are away from school. In our minds, that should not be something that the youth of our community need to worry about. Each month we take a portion of our sales and donate it into communities across the United States to make sure that our children are being fed.